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 As the digital revolution takes root and bears fruits, its direct brain child called social media has also continued to entrench itself in the lives of many. One of these social platforms is Instagram. But what is Instagram? This is an online mobile photo sharing service that enables users to take photos and share them on various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. Instagram was finally ACQUIRED BY Facebook in 1013.


A social void or just curiosity for followers?


As the digital generation gets more”social”, the social media platform has been getting more crowded. The “followers” trend has created a strong urge for many to plunge into all manner of sharing including photos and videos. More and more individuals and institutions are making a mass exodus to Instagram because it is easier to communicate with photos and videos than text.However, it is one thing to load photos and videos on Instagram and another one to get them “selling” by being followed and liked. With this at play, is there any easier means of getting your photos and videos on Instagram “selling” and attracting following?


Finally you can buy Instagram followers


This is a welcome answer to the question above. Since money “speaks”, this answer is sweet music to both those who sell followers and those who are thirsty for followers. The desire to buy Instagram followers is slowly becoming a gold-mine and that is why we shall have to look at what really motivates people to want to buy followers, another word for “fans” on the social media platforms.However, it must be understood that in as much as it sounds very palatable to know that you can buy followers on Instagram, it is not an easy task or a walk in the park especially if it entails you trying to buy these followers of their own accord. That is why we have vendors all over the internet to do that job.


So why do people buy Instagram followers?

  • A statement of popularity


This is a normal and highly pronounced human craving and motivation especially in our generation. The same way guys are spending heavily on other media to buy fame, buying followers on Instagram is a workable option for many. This is bottom line and anyone who has been one earth long enough knows this off head.


  • Vested commercial interests

This is another clear and universal motivation that drives people into buying followers on Instagram. For instance professional photographers who serve corporations and celebs will use the higher following that their clients’ enjoy to create an impression that they do better jobs. Artistes on the other hand well take advantage of this massive mass following to keep in touch with their fan base, which is also their fund base. As for corporate institutions, it is still the same. Commercial organizations will use this to keep in touch with their customers while nonprofit ones will use it to portray their activities and hence attract more funding.

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